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BodyTite & FaceTite

Tightening the face and body effectively without a significant surgical procedure was previously quite challenging. But with the development of both BodyTite and FaceTite, people considering a skin tightening procedure or even liposuction in Staten Island have an exciting option, thanks to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Louis Cutolo.

About BodyTite

BodyTite is a unique type of liposuction, which uses carefully directed radiofrequency energy to soften fat before it's removed, making the overall experience less traumatic on skin, muscle, and other surrounding tissues. BodyTite uses controlled heating to make fat easier to remove, and it also stimulates collagen development in the surrounding skin. Rather than simply removing fat, BodyTite also tightens skin in the treated areas for enhanced results.

Depending on the significance of your procedure, Dr. Cutolo may perform BodyTite while you are under general anesthesia or simply local anesthesia with sedation. BodyTite can be used on most of the same areas of the body as traditional liposuction, including the:

  • Back
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs

About FaceTite

Think of FaceTite as your "detailer" when it comes to enhancing the contours of your face. Because it's more superficial than BodyTite, FaceTite can effectively improve the contours and tone of your face with minimal downtime. FaceTite's very small non-aspirating cannula administers radiofrequency energy to tissues beneath the skin's surface. This stimulates deep contraction and long-term tightness in delicate areas, such as around the eyes.

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