Breast Lift

Aging, weight changes, and motherhood can cause the breasts to sag, droop, and lose their shape. Women come to Dr. Cutolo’s practice for breast lift surgery from Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens,  throughout New York City, and Holmdel, NJ, to correct these concerns. Also known as mastopexy, this procedure reshapes and repositions the breasts for a naturally youthful appearance.

Take the first step to enjoying firm, attractively positioned breasts that look as young as you feel. Request a consultation online, or call us today at (718) 720-9400 to schedule a visit.

Breast Lift
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Who Is a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

You may benefit from a breast lift if you want to:

  • Restore a more youthful shape and position to breasts that are sagging
  • Reduce stretched and excess breast skin
  • Reposition or resize your areolas

If you want to restore your breasts’ youthful position and also achieve fuller breasts, Dr. Cutolo may recommend combining breast augmentation with your breast lift. He has performed this breast enhancement for many of his patients, providing them with a more complete solution to their goals.

To view the results of some of our satisfied breast lift patients, visit our Photo Gallery.

A Reputation Built on Results

Dr. Cutolo is an amazing doctor. He is honest with his patients and always does beautiful work!
I am so happy with my choice to have a breast lift. My experience with Dr Cutolo was amazing from the...
Dr. Cutolo is by far the best plastic surgeon. His expertise, professionalism, caring, warmth and knowledge...
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Your Breast Lift Procedure

At the consultation, Dr. Cutolo will discuss your breast surgery, and guide you in making the following decisions:

  • Surgery location, such as an accredited office-based surgical center, outpatient/ambulatory surgical center, or a hospital, to adhere to the highest levels of quality and safety.
  • Medication, which includes a choice between oral sedation, intravenous sedation and general anesthesia, to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.

During the surgery, Dr. Cutolo uses an incision technique chosen for your breast lift goals. The extent of the incisions depends on the degree of correction needed. Most breast lift patients will require an incision around the areola, one descending vertically, and in some cases an additional inframammary incision, forming an anchor or inverted “T” pattern. After removing excess skin, he repositions the nipple and areola and then reshapes the breasts.

For those with small breasts and less sagging, Dr. Cutolo may perform a concentric lift by making circular incisions around the areola and removing a circular strip of skin shaped like a doughnut. For patients who require a minor elevation of the nipple, he may remove a small crescent shaped area of skin at the upper portion of the areola. For his patients with enlarged areolas, Dr. Cutolo reduces the size by removing skin around the perimeter. The surgery usually takes 1 to 3 hours based on the complexity of the lift needed to achieve the desired results.

Dr. Louis C. Cutolo Jr.

Dr. Louis C. Cutolo, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S Dr. Louis C. Cutolo, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S

Meet Dr. Louis C. Cutolo Jr.

A board-certified plastic surgeon in Staten Island, Dr. Louis Cutolo, Jr. is an active member of both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and a Fellow of the... read on

Meet Dr. Cutolo

Breast Lift Recovery

After your surgery, Dr. Cutolo applies bandages to your incisions. To minimize swelling and provide support to your breasts as they heal, you will need to wear an elastic ACE bandage for the first 4 days, and then a sports bra for the next 3 weeks.

Breast Lift Results and Benefits

Dr. Cutolo’s patients typically describe themselves as delighted with their lifted, beautifully shaped breasts. They often feel more self-confident and have better body image. In addition, these women say that they enjoy having new and improved clothing choices.