4 Reasons for Getting Breast Augmentation

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If you believe there’s only one reason that women get breast implants—to increase breast size—I’ve got some news. Larger breasts may be the result, but having performed breast augmentation in Staten Island for more than 25 years, I know that the individual reasons women get breast implants vary from patient to patient and are highly personal. There are, though, a few broad categories that virtually all motivations fall into.

Who Gets Breast Augmentation?

Before describing the 4 primary reasons for getting breast implants, it’s worthwhile to explain in more general terms who is a good candidate for breast augmentation. A woman should be in good overall physical health before undergoing any elective cosmetic surgery and have realistic expectations about the potential results. Occasionally, I’ll consult with a patient who brings in “wish photos” showing celebrities or supermodels as examples of how she would like her breasts to look. That’s fine, but it’s important that she understands breast augmentation won’t change her overall appearance.

Why Women Get Breast Augmentation

In describing the 4 primary reasons for choosing to get breast augmentation surgery, I want to underscore that women may have other reasons.

Women get breast implants to:

Improve the size and shape of breasts that have always been underdeveloped. This is probably what most people think of when considering who wants breast implants. Many women with smaller breasts choose to get breast augmentation to enhance their sense of femininity and gain more confidence. These patients often say they’ve thought about getting implants for years.

Even out the size of their breasts. The vast majority of women have breasts that are slightly different sizes (called breast asymmetry). In most cases, the discrepancy is barely noticeable and doesn’t bother the person. Some women, however, are self-conscious about the size difference and choose to get breast implants to correct the asymmetry. This is done using different sizes of implants.

Restore the breasts’ volume and shape after having children. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can take a toll on the breasts’ appearance. In many cases, the breasts look deflated, and patients who loved having fuller breasts before getting pregnant are disappointed in the way their post-pregnancy breasts look. Implants are a great way to restore their volume. If the breasts have moderate or severe sagging, I recommend combining a breast lift with implants.

Reconstruct a breast or breasts after mastectomy. Women either diagnosed with breast cancer or who have a genetic predisposition for breast cancer may choose to undergo a mastectomy on one or both breasts. There are a number of breast reconstruction techniques, including using implants to help restore the shape and size of the breasts.

During the consultation, plastic surgeons discuss with patients their specific reasons for wanting breast augmentation and their cosmetic goals. Among the tools that patients find useful in choosing their implants is our gallery of before-and-after photos featuring actual patients.

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