6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Woman researching a plastic surgeon in Staten Island, NY

Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is a major decision—for your body, your mind, and your budget. Finding the best doctor in your area is a personal process that takes a lot of time and consideration. Whether you’re searching for a top plastic surgeon in Staten Island, Brooklyn, or beyond, there are a few important things to keep in mind. 

What exactly makes a good surgeon? How do you know who is right for you? Consider these 6 factors when choosing the best plastic surgeon for your next procedure.

1. Professional Experience

The best way to begin any plastic surgery research is by finding a doctor with credentials and experience. You can gauge your surgeon’s skill level by browsing their CV or searching the “About” or “Staff” section of their website. Keep an eye out for highlights such as:

Overall, you want to find a doctor who is trusted by both their peers and their patients. 

2. Practice Location

While a local doctor can sometimes be the best fit, this isn’t always the case. Spread your net wide when searching for the best professional to meet your needs. Total surgery costs can fluctuate depending on geographical location, and sometimes experienced doctors are easier to find in certain locales. Don’t be afraid to look into surgeons both in your area and out of state.

3. Background In Your Procedure

Just as no two patients are exactly alike, neither are two plastic surgeons. Different doctors often have different backgrounds and may specialize in different procedures. Try to find a surgeon who has extensive skill in your given surgery. Ideally, your doctor should perform your particular treatment multiple times per week or month. 

4. Bedside Manner

Going through your plastic surgery journey can be a very vulnerable experience. Because of this, you deserve a doctor who will support you in a kind and understanding way. A surgeon with a good bedside manner can be a great source of support and comfort. Look through patient testimonials on sites like RealSelf.com to get an idea of how your doctor interacts with each of their patients. 

5. Surgical Techniques

Much like an artist can use different mediums and techniques, plastic surgeons can have different approaches to surgery. Some doctors may prefer using a certain type of breast implant, for example, or perform surgery under different levels of anesthetic. Ask your provider about different treatment options offered at their practice. You may learn more about the procedure in the process and feel more confident in your surgery decision. 

6. Before-And-After Gallery

When it comes down to it, every patient wants beautiful, long-lasting results. Patient before-and-after photos are an easy, revealing way to get an idea of what final look you can expect from a surgeon. High-quality results should have minimal scarring and look proportional with the rest of the body. Many doctors have more photos on file than they can post on their website, so ask to browse pictures during your private consultation. 

Finding the right doctor isn’t always easy, but an amazing professional is worth the effort. If you’re looking for a top plastic surgeon near Staten Island or Brooklyn and would like to learn more, please request a consultation online.

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