Plastic Surgeon in Staten Island Introduces New Website

Louis C. Cutolo, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.

Seeking to provide men and women in the Staten Island area with the latest information on a wide variety of cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Louis Cutolo, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has launched a new website for his practice.

Staten Island, New York (November 2011) – Complete descriptions of surgical and non-surgical treatments in an easy-to-follow format are one of the primary features of the new website Dr. Louis C. Cutolo Jr. ( has launched for his plastic surgery practice in Staten Island, NY. Dr. Cutolo says he wants to provide patients with accurate and reliable information in an easily accessible fashion.

“I wanted to create a website that gave people the information they needed without unnecessary or inessential material unrelated to our services,” Dr. Cutolo says. “Whether you’re interested in learning about a specific procedure or simply want to know your options for skin rejuvenation, our website can help you find the best method to achieve the refreshed appearance and natural looking results you desire.”

Dr. Cutolo’s new website also highlights a period of technological growth for his practice. With advances in procedural techniques, many new treatment options are emerging. Dr. Cutolo, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Staten Island, recently added CoolSculpting® to his list of services. This non-surgical alternative to traditional liposuction helps women and men achieve a more contoured body.

“Our new website will help new and current patients learn more about the services available at our practice,” says Dr. Cutolo. “CoolSculpting is one such procedure. It can effectively remove small pockets of fat for people with varying cosmetic concerns. This nonsurgical treatment cools fat without damaging surrounding skin and tissue. The body naturally eliminates the fat during the weeks that follow the procedure.”

In addition to information about new nonsurgical treatments, Dr. Cutolo’s website features complete descriptions of each surgical procedure offered at his practice. Women interested in breast augmentation in Staten Island can feel comfortable knowing that any question not answered on the website can be discussed with Dr. Cutolo and his experienced staff. Together, they help each patient through the decision-making and treatment processes and are always available to address patients’ concerns.

“We’re committed to providing optimal results for every patient who visits us,” notes Dr. Cutolo. “The experience begins on our new website and continues as our team helps women and men find the most effective treatments to match their needs. I look forward to sharing our website with current patients and providing a resource for new patients so they can discover their options for cosmetic surgery.”

Dr. Cutolo’s skilled hands and unique artistic sense can help you fulfill a dream and transform the vision you have of yourself into reality. Request a consultation online, or call us today at (718) 720-9400 to schedule a visit.